Investor Relations

Company Overview

Developing business through providing interactive

animation teaching materials called “Surala”


Company Mission

“Eliminating educational inequality” is just the mission of SuRaLa Net


CEO's Profile

Established SuRaLa Net after taking over “Surala” business via MBO from previous company
“Surala” is highly evaluated as a unique product and service


Corporate Governance

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

We regard thorough corporate governance as an important issue.
We believe that in order for a company to achieve continuous growth and development amid a rapidly changing business environment, it is essential to build a fair and transparent management system, as well as to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of management.

In addition, in response to changes in the social environment and the enforcement of laws and regulations, we will continue to strengthen risk management and supervisory functions in order to enhance the effectiveness of corporate governance.

Corporate Governance Report

We submit a “Corporate Governance Report” to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Japanese only).

Structure of Corporate Governance

Approaches to ESG

Impact Management Report 2020 PDF

Using ICT to solve the social problem of "educational inequality”

Approaches to ESG- “Social” activities in Japan

Providing learning opportunities for children of various circumstances
using “Surala,” tailored to each student's understanding

  • Providing home-based learning and higher education opportunities for children who are not attending school
  • Providing personalized learning for children with developmental and learning disabilities
  • Providing individually optimized independent learning for duplex classes on remote islands and in mountainous areas
  • Partnering with NPOs to provide learning opportunities for children from relative poverty

The math e-learning program "Surla Ninja!,”
provided in developing countries such as Sri Lanka and Indonesia

  • Operating “Surala JUKU,” a math class for children from low-income families collaborating with Women's Bank, a microfinance organization
  • Providing free IDs to “SOS Children's Villages”, an NGO that accepts orphans and children who have been victims of domestic violence
  • Actively hiring local women as facilitators (lecturers) to create employment opportunities

IR Policy

1. Basic policies for IR activities

As a basic policy for IR activities, we believe that disclosing corporate information to all stakeholders in a timely and appropriate manner is our duty as a listed company, and that fulfilling this duty is indispensable as a member of the sound securities market.

Through the implementation of IR activities based on this basic policy, we aim to deepen our relationships of trust with shareholders and investors on an ongoing basis and to obtain appropriate evaluations.

2. Information Disclosure Standards

We will disclose information in accordance with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, other laws and regulations, and the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the Tokyo stock exchange.

Even if the rules do not apply to timely disclosure, we will voluntarily and proactively disclose information that may have a significant impact on investors' investment decisions.
We will not disclose personal information, customer information, or information that may violate the rights of related parties.

3. Methods of Information Disclosure

In accordance with the Timely Disclosure Regulations, we disclose information that meets the Timely Disclosure Regulations using the Timely Information Communication System ("TDnet") provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

After confirming that TDnet information has been disclosed, it will be posted on our website.

We will strive to disclose information in an easy-to-understand, timely, appropriate and fair manner to as many shareholders and investors as possible through various means, such as recording financial statements, press releases, press conferences, financial results briefings, individual interviews with analysts, briefings for individual investors, and experience meetings of our services as needed.

4. Organizational Structure of IR Activities

In addition to information related to decisions made, events occurring, and financial results, information that may have a significant impact on investors' investment decisions is disclosed by the Business Management Group under the direction of the director in charge of information disclosure.

The director in charge of information disclosure is the CFO, and the CEO, the Audit and Supervisory committee, the person in charge of accounting, legal affairs, and related divisions confirm and discuss the content of disclosure, thereby ensuring prompt, accurate and fair disclosure of corporate information.

5. Initiatives to Enhance IR Activities

We will strive to build a scheme for utilizing dialogue with shareholders and investors by sharing the evaluations and knowledge gained from our shareholders and investors within the company, including the CEO and the director in charge, and reflecting them in our business operations.

In addition, we will thoroughly disseminate the importance of timely disclosure to our officers and employees through training and other education, and strive to build a corporate culture that emphasizes information management and timely disclosure.

In addition, in order to enhance IR activities, we will take measures that emphasize dialogue with shareholders and investors, including holding briefings on financial results.

Through these efforts, we believe that investor relations activities contribute to the improvement of our corporate value and sustainable growth over the medium to long term. We aim to deepen our relationships of trust with shareholders and investors on an ongoing basis and to obtain an appropriate evaluation by providing corporate information needed for investment decisions in a timely, appropriate, and fair manner.

6. Disclosure Policy Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

The information we disclose may include forward-looking statements.

These forward-looking statements are based on the information available to us at the time of disclosure and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties.

Therefore, you should not make investment decisions based solely on future prospects.

7.Handling of insider information

In principle, we do not convey insider information or information that we deem important to a third party (including officers and employees) until it is officially disclosed. We have stipulated "Rules for Management of Important Information and Prevention of Insider Trading of Stock and Other Securities" which clearly stipulates rules for the management of important information and the purchase and sale of our own shares.

We are working to ensure that our officers and employees are thoroughly familiar with measures to prevent insider trading through in-house training and other means.

In addition, when engaging in dialogue with shareholders and investors, the Company provides warnings in advance regarding the handling of important facts in order to prevent the leakage of insider information.

8. Responding to Analyst Reports

We do not comment on the analyst report.
However, we will take appropriate measures in cases where we judge that there is a mistake in fact.

9. Responding to market rumors

We do not comment on market rumors.
Also, we will not comment on inquiries.
However, we will take appropriate measures when we judge that the content of the report could have a significant impact on us.

IR Library

IR Calendar

Shareholder Information

Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers
Listing date 18 December, 2017
Securities Code 3998
Business Year From January 1 to December 31 of each year
Annual Shareholders' Meeting Within three months from the day following the last day of each business year
Record Date December 31 of each year
Record date for distribution of retained earnings June 30 of each year and December 31 of each year
Number of Shares per Trading Unit 100 shares
Posting of Public Notices This will be done by means of electronic public announcements.
However, if an accident or other unavoidable event makes it impossible to make an electronic public announcement, the report will be posted in the Nikkei.
The URL of our public announcement is as follows:
Administrator of Shareholder Registry Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Special account management institution Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Contact Information Securities Department, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Address: 1-1, Nikko-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
Postal address: Post Office Box No. 29, New Tokyo Post Office 137-8081
Securities Department, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation

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The performance forecasts as well as the future prospects contained in this document were assessed based on information available when they were created. However, there may have potential risks and uncertainties, therefore please note that there is a possibility that actual achievements may significantly differ from the future prospects mentioned or stated in this Website/ document, due to various factors such as changes in the whole business environment.
The purpose of this website/ document is for general information of the company only. It does not mean any inducement or persuasion for investment. For any decision for investment, please make it based on your own judgement.
The company accepts no responsibility in any case of using this document by any investor with any purpose.