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ABOUT “Surala”

“Surala” is an innovative e-learning service for
improving children/students’ performance.

Various functions of SuRaLa which conventional e-learnings do not have




AI supporter

SuRaLa contains all the key elements for
improving children/students’ performance

SuRaLa is not a traditional e-learning Service

“Surala,” an ideal e-learning system

An ideal “next generation education system”
-different from conventional digital teaching materials

What is “Surala”?

Target group is students from low grades in primary school to high school;
Providing online study on Japanese, Math, English, Science and Social Studies;
Using interactive animation

The service of SuRaLa
The service of SuRaLa
The service of SuRaLa

“Surala” ‘s lecture function

Utilizing animation lectures to help students enjoy study

Small-step lesson with10~15 minutes
(maximum limitation time to maintain concentration)

Interactive lessons: students proceed with their study while having conversations with animation character teacher

Lecture function can help students engage in study with an
appropriate balance of learning and fun, performing to the
best of their abilities, even for those students without any basic knowledge.

SuRaLa’s lecture function
SuRaLa’s lecture function

“Surala” ‘s adaptive learning function

Doing exercises can contribute to having students master knowledge
which they can understand from the very first step

Drilling functions

At the beginning, students are able to understand the textbook after listening to the lectures, then drilling function
will help them master this knowledge through a method of providing a lot of exercises.


Control the

stumbling blocks

The service of SuRaLa
The service of SuRaLa

Diagnosis of stumbling blocks

Analyze and pinpoint students’ weaker parts from
their exercises achievements

Recommend to relearn

Overcome the weaker parts on their own

“Surala” ‘s learning management function

Sets study goals for students and knows their learning progress well
even at home

SuRaLa’s learning management function

“Surala” ‘s leading-edge AI supporter function

Artificial Intelligence (AI*) is a kind of cloud learning system able to encourage students to remain motivated through offering voice dialogues based on their performance and achievements

(*) AI function is utilizing a kind of platform called Repl-AI which is used for creating and performing chat box ,developed by DoCoMo
The service of SuRaLa

AI can recognize students’ learning behaviour (e.g. efforts or achievements) which teachers are unaware of sometimes

Anime character gives effective feedback or talks to students at the right time

It was proved that AI can actually increase students’ motivation according to the
cooperation research with Keio university