Surala Ninja

Surala for Overseas
Surala Ninja!

Innovative Mathematics e-learning service for individual learning

With interactive animation lectures and gamification drills, Surala Ninja! aims to enhance independent learning.
Ninja characters attract students and lead to have a firm understanding, raise motivation, and get higher achievement.

3 Characteristics of Surala Ninja!

Individually optimized learning with adaptive function

- Students can learn at their right level and at their own pace

Covering three key elements for the acquisition of the learning

- Understanding, Mastering, and Utilizing

Gamification function to make Mathematics fun and easy

- It raises learning motivation and achievement


The e-Learning method specially focusing on bringing up student’s

TARGET Grade 1 - 6 (Age: 5 - 11)
LANGUAGE English, Sinhala and Indonesian
SUBJECT Mathematics
(addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and mix calculation)*
EXAMPLE TIMETABLE 1.5 hours / week
6 hours / month
OPERATION COUNTRIES Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, India and Egypt
*Surala Ninja! Advanced Challenge Units

Expanded content for the elementary school range is also in development additionally : fractions, decimals, etc.

Flow of learning

Understanding: Step-by-step Interactive animation lecture

  • Ninja characters provide the explanation of concepts in a systematic way.
  • The lecture is divided into small steps and characters offer an interactive learning experience by asking questions to output from students.
  • With step-by-step interaction, students can ensure "I got it!".

Flow of learning

Mastering: Drill with gamification

  • After lectures, students practice with drills so that they can feel "I can do it!".
  • With gamification of getting medals and drill ranking, students can enjoy practicing calculation to improve accuracy and speed.
  • Surala Ninja! minimizes workloads of teachers by providing a large numberof exercises and mark students' answers automatically.
  • The level of difficulty is adjusted automatically through evaluating the level of students' understanding by our unique adaptive function.*
    *Drill Difficulty control function (Release 2021 for Surala Ninja!)

Flow of learning

Utilizing: Mini test

  • Teachers can assign tests to students to check their mastering.
  • Students can feel "I can use it!" by applying their practice. "I can do it!".
  • Test opportunities also help teachers to find weaknesses and provide additional supports to raise the achievement level with the "Teachers Management System".

Teachers Management Panel

Design learning & Monitoring

  • Teachers can develop learning plans flexibly for students’ different level of achievement and school curriculums by using the "Learning Designer" function.
  • Teachers can monitor the progress of students in real-time and track down the data of achievements to improve students' performance.
  • The system also offers to facilitating communication between teachers and students in distance learning.


No special facility or software needs. All you need is the internet and a computer.

Supported Devices Windows PC / Mac / Chromebook / iPad
Supported browsers Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome / Safari
*Smartphones and iPad mini are not supported.